Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Plan B Might Not Be Enough

Plan B Hippo Gramsie Road
This summer a nearby roadway was re-surfaced, but not raised.  City officials did not raise the roadway because it had no other history of flooding other than two years ago.

Conventional wisdom would indicate we all need a Plan B.  If I don't get the first job I applied for I need to chase the second opening.  Spare tires are good but what if two flats occur simultaneously.

Plan B works for conventional events, conventional market opportunities and standard organizational decision making.  It would be easy to add Plan C, D, E, etc. but those, too, follow convention.  Spend time on scenarios that change the playing field.  Study major paradigm shifts that caused the best to flounder.

My Plan A & Plan B was to find another position of similar character.  Envision the opportunities that 'might' happen and be first in line...or better yet be in charge of the line.

Regarding the roadway...who would have thought the Endangered Species Act of 1973 would have come into play on a Twin Cities metro roadway.  Cows falling from the sky could be next.